-Flyerers' Choice Award-

Because the Fringe is one long popularity contest and these awards are no different. The Flyerers Choice is not about being the best, it’s about receiving the most votes, so get out onto the streets and make an impression!*

Spotted a flyerer bleeding out from paper cuts, soaked in rain and covered in stars from the Scotsman?

Vote for them!

Know a leafleteer who just keeps on smiling, dancing in the street and has the best one liners?

Vote for them!

Met a flyerer who just doesn’t stop, works ridiculous hours and has a damn good haircut?


*This vote can be easily rigged

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The Flyerers Awards 2017
Sunday 27th August - 23:55 at Bannermans Rock & Whiskey Bar, Cowgate
Vote for your favourite flyerer
Send your nomination to vote@flyerersunion.com