Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really a thing?

Yes, apparently

What is the Flyerers’ Union?

The Flyerers Union is what we have called ourselves to make this all seem legit.

What are the awards and how do I vote/win?

The awards are broken up into 5 categories:

    • Best Street Team
    • Best Newcomer Flyerer
    • Best Comedian Flyerer
    • Best Flyerer
    • Flyerers’ Choice

Submit your nomination for Flyerers’ Choice here or email us at Please include the full name and street team your nominee works for in your message.

Voting closes at 1pm on 27/08/2015, although at the end of the day, the real winner is flyering.

“Hey I’ve got a zany idea for a category, how about an award for the worst flyerer?”


Although we appreciate the suggestion (and many people have suggested this), flyerers play a very important role in selling a show and work really hard during the fringe, all while putting up with A LOT of shit. We decided to throw these awards to celebrate them and show appreciation for the hard work they do.

I’m a flyerer who wants an award, what do I get if I win?

Pride, a medel/trophy and maybe some other cool stuff.

Are you going to get some big shot comedians to present the awards?

In a word – Yes

The Flyerers Awards 2017
Sunday 27th August - 23:55 at Bannermans Rock & Whiskey Bar, Cowgate
Vote for your favourite flyerer
Send your nomination to